Paper transfer based tattoos, choice of six standard sizes. Apply Tattoo wet to skin. Lasts 3-5 days. Life depends on skin type, perspiration, etc. Can be removed using baby oil or rubbing alcohol. Temporary Tattoo inks are non-toxic and meet all USA FDA regulations. Refer Temporary Tattoo Catalogue and Art Preparation Guide for further details. Made in USA. Multi images can be printed on larger sheet size.
White ink background no extra cost. No set up charges. Fastest turnaround – 3 weeks. Free contact details on the back of every tattoo. Low cost, high impact!
LNTATT_38 x 38mm Offset Lithographic Print_277FreeSetup5000 TattooXpress
Catalogue Page
127 (2017-2018)
Item Size
38 x 38mm Offset Lithographic Print  
  38mm x 38mm Tattoo - Square 32mm x 32mm print area
38 x 57mm Offset Lithographic Print  
  38mm x 57mm Tattoo - Rectangle 32mm x 51mm print area
50 x 50mm Offset Lithographic Print  
  50mm x 50mm Tattoo - Square 44mm x 44mm print area
57 x 78mm Offset Lithographic Print  
  57mm x 78mm Tattoo - Rectangle 51mm x 72mm print area
78 x 102mm Offset Lithographic Print  
  78mm x 102mm Tattoo - Rectangle 72mm x 96mm print area
38 x 152mm Offset Lithographic Print  
  38mm x 152mm Tattoo - Armband 146mm x 32mm print area
1 per carton
Bulk in stacks of 200 (Rubber band) then suitable sized cartons. Weights below based on 1000 units:
38 x 38mm = 0.37kg
38 x 57mm = 0.5kg
50 x 50mm = 0.5kg
57 x 78mm = 1kg
78 x 102mm = 1.7kg
38 x 152mm = 0.9kg
Tattoo paper
Minimum Qty