2000 mAh portable charger for your mobile phone or small device that can recharge from a USB port.Includes USB to Micro USB cable for charging Power Bank and to charge any phone/device that has a Micro USB input. Optional 3 in 1 cable with Micro USB and other major connectors on the market available at additional cost. It will charge current mobile phones with one charging cycle. Can be charged up to 300 times. Not suitable for tablet devices that draw a higher current. Available in range of metallic colours, with silver and white accents. Optional box decoration or EVA black zippered pouch available at additional cost.
LN9109_Pad Print_1672200 Tech
Catalogue Page
46 (2017-2018)
Item Size
Power Bank: 22mmL x 94mmH x 21mmD
Pad Print  
Laser Engraved  
  Side/s - Rectangle 60mmL x 13mmH
4CP Digital Direct 360° Panoprint (4 Sides)  
  Side Panels (x4) - Refer Line Drawing
4CP Digital Direct Print on Box  
  Box - Full coverage (Refer line drawing)
Pad Print on EVA Case
4CP Digital Direct Print on EVA Case
  LL6667 Front/Back - Rectangle 60mmL x 35mmH
  LL6673 Front/Back - Rectangle 60mmL x 35mmH
80 per carton = 9.7 kg
38cmL x 38cmW x 28cmH (0.0400 cbm)
Standard: Individual white tuck box
Custom: 4CP Digitally Decorated Individual white tuck box with display window
Optional: LL6667 Small EVA Zipper Case 50mmH (item inserted into case) OR LL6673 Small EVA Zipper Case Low Profile 38mmH (item inserted into case)
Battery Capacity
2,000 mAh
Battery Type
Power Input
Micro USB DC+5V 800 mA
Power Output
USB DC+5V 1,000 mA
Optional Box Packaging
Optional 4CP Digitally Printed Box with Display Window - also available undecorated (POA) or 4CP Digitally Printed Tuck Box without Window (POA)
Minimum Qty