5,000mAh inductive wireless charger Power Bank with built in dual connector cable (Android & iOS). Type C connector also included. A Grade Li-Po battery. Charges any phone with included connectors or charges any wireless compatible phone. Wireless charging works with new Apple 8, 8 Plus & X and suitable for Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8. 4 graduated power remaining LED indicators. Power Bank contains enough capacity to recharge most phones on the market 2+ times and tablets up to 50%. Can be charged up to 300 times. Takes 4-5 hours to charge. Optional box decoration or EVA black zippered pouch available at additional cost.
Item Size
Power Bank: 130mmL x 75mmH x 15mmD
4CP Digital Direct  
  Front - 130mmL x 75mmH
  Back - 90mmL x 75mmH
4CP Standard Label on Box  
  Box - Rectangle 90mmL x 43mmH
Screen Print on EVA Case  
  LL6668 Front/Back - Rectangle 100mmL x 50mmH
  LL6674 Front/Back - Rectangle 100mmL x 50mmH
4CP Digital Direct Print on EVA Case  
  LL6668 Front/Back - Rectangle 60mmL x 50mmH
  LL6674 Front/Back - Rectangle 60mmL x 50mmH
50 per carton = 9 kg
39cmL x 25cmW x 19cmH (0.0185 cbm)
Standard: Individual white box
Optional: LL6668 Medium EVA Zipper Case 50mmH (item inserted into case) OR LL6674 Medium EVA Zipper Case Low Profile 38mmH (item inserted into case)
Additional Features
Power Indicator
17/18 Catalogue update
Screenprint withdrawn
Minimum Qty