Elite Power Bank is a portable charger for your mobile phone or portable device that can recharge from a USB port. Power Bank contains a powerful 7000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery (Japanese Cell) that charge current mobile phones with 5 charging cycles, or tablets 70% approx. Gift boxed with 3 in 1 connector to use with most current mobile devices on the market. Takes 4-5 hours to charge. Suitable for charging multiple devices at the same time. Optional box decoration or EVA black zippered pouch available at additional cost.
LL9103_Pad Print on Power Bank_6413DayDespatch200 Tech
Catalogue Page
55 (2017-2018)
Item Size
Power Bank: 139mmL x 12mmH x 70mmD
Box: 167mmL x 50mmH x 100mmD
Pad Print on Power Bank  
  Top - Rectangle 80mmL x 55mmH
4CP Digital Direct Print on Power Bank  
  Top - Rectangle 135mmL x 66mmH (Refer line drawing for cut out areas)
30 per carton = 8.4 kg
52cmL x 35cmW x 19cmH (0.0346 cbm)
Individual black gift box

ABS Body
Acrylic Cover
Battery Capacity
7,000 mAh
Battery Type
Lithium-ion Polymer
Power Input
Micro USB DC+5V 1,500 mA
Power Output
USB DC+5V 2,100 mA
Additional Features
Power Indication, Battery Life, Charge Level
Minimum Qty
LN9103 Elite Tablet Power Bank (INDENT), available minimum quantity 300