4000mAh swivel portable charger with A Grade Li-Po battery for your mobile phone or small device that can recharge from a USB port. Recharge most phones on the market 1+ times and tablets 40% approx. SPECIAL OFFER Includes Dual 50cm micro USB/8 pin connector cable to charge any phone/device that has a Micro USB or 8 pin input and EVA zippered pouch. Can be charged up to 300 times. Takes 4-5 hours to charge
LL9034_4CP Digital Direct Print on Power Bank_220524HourXpress3DayDespatch200 Tech
Catalogue Page
51 (2017-2018)
Item Size
Power Bank - 100mmL x 54mmH x 19mmD
Box - 110mmL x 80mmH x 25mmD
4CP Digital Direct Print on Power Bank  
  Top - Rectangle 30mmL x 40mmH
Laser Engraved on Power Bank  
  Top - Rectangle 30mmL x 40mmH
4CP Standard Label on Box  
  Box - Rectangle 71mmL x 41mmH
80 per carton = 12.35 kg
41cmL x 32cmW x 18cmH (0.0236 cbm)
Special offer: Black, Blue or Red zippered pouch.

Aluminium swivel
ABS body
Battery Capacity
4,000 mAh
Battery Type
Lithium-ion Polymer
Power Input
Micro USB DC+5V 1,000 mA
Power Output
USB DC+5V 1,000 mA
Item Note
Aluminium 10% plus or minus considered acceptable.
Black, Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver
Minimum Qty