Summer Survival Kit in Malibu Pouch containing Pocket First Aid Kit, Gel Hand Sanitiser, Pocket Tissues and Poncho in Ziplock Bag.

Includes items:
LL545 Malibu Handy Pouch
LL726 Splash Gel Hand Sanitiser
LL4680 Pocket Tissues - 10 Pack
LL7064 Monsoon Poncho
LL9023 Pocket First Aid Kit
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Catalogue Page
198 (2019-2020)
Item Size
275 x 230 x 10mm (LxHxD)
Pouch - Screen Print
  Front of Pouch - 80 x 80mm (LxH)
  Back of Pouch - 180 x 90mm (LxH)
Hand Sanitiser - 4CP Standard Label
  Front - 30 x 55mm (LxH)
Pocket Tissues - 4CP Standard Label
  Front - 43 x 90mm (LxH)
  Back - 30 x 55mm (LxH)
Poncho In Ziplock Bag - 4CP Standard Label
  Front - 60 x 90mm (LxH)
First Aid Kit - Screen Print
  Front - 70 x 50mm (LxH)
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