Synthetic pre wet chamois with rounded corners, cello bagged in clear PVC pouch. Chamois supplied with "Supa Cham" debossed logo as standard. Store Supa Cham in pouch when moist/ damp to ensure longevity and reusable application on cars, boats, vans and bodies.
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Catalogue Page
213 (2017-2018)
Item Size
Chamois: 425mmL x 315mmH
Pouch: 245mmL x 210mmH
Screen Print (Max 1 Colour Print)  
  Side/s - Rectangle 180mmL x 130mmH
4CP Standard Label  
  Side/s - Circle 90mm Diameter
  Side/s - Rectangle 120mmL x 42mmH (Label Size -148mmL x 52mmH)
140 per carton = 13.94 kg
55cmL x 34cmW x 32cmH (0.0598 cbm)
Decorated orders: Chamois are inserted into decorated LL406 Large PVC Pouch/Organiser with Zipper
Undecorated Orders: Chamois and Pouches are supplied separately
Undecorated Chamois: 240 per carton, 18kg, 49.5cmL x 37.5cmW x 49cmH
Undecorated Pouches: Tissue paper between layers, 50 per inner then 500 per carton bulk packed, 17kgs, 38cmL x 26cmW x 28cmH
Chamois: Synthetic
Pouch: PVC
Clear/Blue, Clear/Yellow
Minimum Qty