12,000mAh touch activated portable charger with A Grade LiPo Japanese Sony battery. Includes integrated grey micro usb/rechargeable connector cable and fold away 8 pin fitting. 4 graduated power remaining LED indicators. Item has a textured surface. Power Bank contains enough capacity to recharge most phones on the market multiple times and a full tablet charge. Can be charged up to 300 times. Takes 4-5 hours to charge. Optional box decoration or EVA black zippered pouch available at additional cost.
LL0623_4CP Digital Direct_14043DayDespatch
Catalogue Page
75 (2018-2019)
Item Size
Power Bank: 140 x 16 x 73mm (LxHxD)
Box: 142 x 19 x 84mm (LxHxD)
Screen Print
  Front - 90 x 45mm (LxH)
4CP Digital Direct  
  Front - 140 x 73mm (LxH) (with rounded corners)
4CP Standard Label on Box  
  Front - 90 x 43mm (LxH)
Screen Print on EVA Case  
  LL6668 Front/Back - 100 x 50mm (LxH)
  LL6674 Front/Back - 100 x 50mm (LxH)
4CP Digital Direct Print on EVA Case  
  LL6678 Front/Back - 60 x 50mm (LxH)
  LL6674 Front/Back - 60 x 50mm (LxH)
100 per carton = 26.01 kg
42cmL x 40cmW x 20cmH (0.0336 cbm)
Standard: Individual white box
Optional: LL6668 Medium EVA Zipper Case 50mmH (item inserted into case) OR LL6674 Medium EVA Zipper Case Low Profile 38mmH (item inserted into case)
ABS Body
Battery Capacity
12,000 mAh
Battery Type
Lithium-ion Polymer
Power Input
Micro USB DC+5V 2,000 mA
Power Output
USB DC+5V 2,100 mA
Additional Features
Power Indicator
Minimum Qty